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Anonymous asked: What's you fave yuri pairing? Please answer!!!!

My fave fan pairing is Konata x Kagami from Lucky star <3

morethanblue21 asked: Can u recommend me yuri porn anime or manga please ... Thank you

Shoujo sect, Sono hanabira ni kuchizuke wo: Anata to koibito, Kuttsukiboshi, Stainless night

mxrcomics asked: hey there, I am a fellow anime lover and also a growing digital artist that is starting my very own comic series. i would love it if you would come check me out and follow me. <3 Kayla

Done ;)

Anonymous asked: Ok so how did u discover yuri anime? Whats the first yuri anime u saw? What do u like about yuri anime?

I discovered it by a friend and my first one was Maria-sama ga miteru… What I love about yuri is that the stories and characters are sweets, romantics and soo sexy  all at the same time 

Anonymous asked: I dont know any sites but a new yuri anime coming out on April 4 called Akuma no Riddle and its also a manga

I saw it, is good 

Anonymous asked: Yuri manga that i recommend for you is citrus, Aoi hana, blue drop


Anonymous asked: Have u read a yuri manga called citrus ^_^

No but I’ll put it in my To read list, thanks ;)

Anonymous asked: have you a neko

Neko like a cat or like a partner? xD To both is not and not, both of us are more like teko xD

Anonymous asked: Can u think of a yuri with a tiny girl/ fairy or sprite, and a normal sized girl?

The only one that I remember is a manga by Chi-Ran called The Yuri Cage