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queenoftherays asked: Do you know some sites to find great smut yuri?? I've been looking but there are limited sources. Just trying to find some amazing, sexy ones... XD

My favorite is Dynasty Scans but you can also try Yurikai, Tranquil Spring and Omgah Yuri!… you’ll find really good/sexy manga there ;)

why-is-senpai-on-the-bottom asked: Hello! Im sorry to bother you, but could you recommend some yuri for me? I just got into it so I haven't read that much. But I'm really open to it all. Especially supernatural :) I would greatly appreciate it if you can shoot me some titles Thanks^w^


If you want some supernatural read the compilation Girls’ Aesthetics from Chi-Ran and Tokimeki Mononoke Jogakkou… Another good ones are all Milk Morinaga mangas, Love DNA XX, Sweet Little Devil, Octave, Gokujou Drops, Love Flag Girls!, Hanjuku Joshi and all Akiko Morishima mangas ;)

Anonymous asked: do you know where is this from? post/54515742381

That’s from Ga-Rei Zero ;)

melwash8944 asked: Follow me back please :)